Mango Wood Trug with Folding Handle

Mango Wood Trug with Folding Handle


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With so many uses, this mango wood trug will be invaluable in you garden. Use it to carry hand tools and gloves, for weeding, gathering fruit, flowers or vegetables. The handle folds so the trug hangs neatly on a hook when not in use. You’ll find yourself using it daily as you garden!

  • 34cm high with handle up (13cm with handle down)
  • 25cm wide across handle
  • Wooden trug basket measures 34x18x10.5cm at the top edge.

Who am I?

I am Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) qualified and hold a National Diploma in Horticulture and a Diploma in Garden Design.
I have always been passionate about plants and gardens and love the opportunity to create something special and personal for my customers that means they can make the most of their outside space.
I also love interior design and enjoy bringing the same principles of style and colour into the garden with the aim of creating a room outside.
Charlotte Ridley

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Phone: 0780 8055508

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